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What is a Contrarian Church Planter?

June 12, 2012

What is a Contrarian Church Planter?  And why does he need a blog?  That’s what this post will answer.

A Contrarian Planter is someone who will plant, has planted, or is considering planting a new church. He understands church planting is the most effective evangelistic strategy there is.  But although he has passion and gifting, the Contrarian Planter is not sure he is the right person to plant.

See, there’s a problem with what you know about church planting.  Most of what you’ve read and heard about church planting doesn’t apply to you…and you know this.  You can’t outright prove it, but you can just tell.  There’s an unease when you hear certain things conferences and read some of the literature.  Until recently, I thought I was the only one who felt this way.  And then I listened to Paul Williams.

Paul, the retired President of Orchard Group ( gave a presentation at Exponential this year detailing the problem.  As part of his PhD research, he discovered that 50% of church planters fit a certain personality profile (according to the DiSC test).  But the other 50% of planters are a random sampling of the rest of the personality profiles.

But here was the interesting part: when measuring attendance and giving, there was no different level of “success” between the 2 groups.

And here’s the problem: most of “church planting world” is tailored to the 50% that are the same.  The other 50% are left to either feel inadequate, or try to fit the mold that is typically presented.

Hence the need for this blog.  This blog will address typical church plant problems and thoughts, but in a way that is Contrarian to what you normally hear.  It’s not Contrarian for the sake of being different; there’s no power in that.  It’s Contrarian because Jesus is the Savior of the world, he created the church to be his vessel of change, and it’s therefore imperative that we plant as many effective churches as possible.

So I’ve begun this blog and accompanying twitter feed ( in an effort to provide encouragement to Contrarian Planters, and make you think about things that you don’t find in the typical church planting resources.  I’ll attempt to blog regularly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  I appreciate your feedback and look forward to the conversation.

So to kick off, a question: What typical church planting advice have you heard that you feel in your gut is wrong?

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