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Contrarian Resource #4: Vault Conference

August 17, 2012

How do you plant a church for people who don’t like church?

That’s what the Vault Conference is all about. Vault is put on by my friend and mentor Vince Antonucci in Las Vegas.  I had the privilege of working for Vince for 4 years at the last church he started, Forefront Church in Virginia Beach.  Since then Vince has started Verve in Las Vegas.

A lot of how I think about church planting is because of Vince’s influence.  So while I have not attended Vault, I think working with Vince for 4 years was quite sufficient to know that Vault is something you don’t want to miss. (Besides, it’s in Las Vegas!  If the conference stinks, you can take the money you’ve fundraised to the Blackjack table and see if God has a contrarian fundraising plan for you!)

You can read some big Vault announcements on Vince’s blog here.  Sign up today!


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