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August 30, 2012

There are not enough resources for church planting.

The reason I say this is because I didn’t think I should start a church.  Maybe a better way to say it is: I didn’t think I could start a church…at least one that wouldn’t crash and burn.  I had gone to Bible College, I had worked in a new church for several years, and I had a passion for the lost.  I had experience, passion, gifts, knowledge, but there was one thing that kept me doubting the idea that I should plant a church.

The problem is that all the resources on church planting spoke to people who aren’t like me.

Before we planted I read every book, listened to every seminar, and attended every conference I could.  I was determined that if our church did fail, it wouldn’t be for lack of knowledge.  But everywhere I turned—literally, everywhere—these church planting resources seemed to be tailored to a certain person.  Remeber the image da Vinci came up with that is supposed to be the ideal man?  It seemed I was reading about the ideal church planter.  That “ideal church planter” was extraverted, the life of the party, drew a crowd wherever he went, and sounded like he could sell air and become a multimillionaire.


We used the resources, we employed the coaching and we did the assessments.  But as our church has grown from my family of three to 443 this Easter I have realized that it’s not that those other resources are bad; but they are incomplete.

Recent research has shown that 50% of church planters have the exact same DiSC profile.  This is who the typical church planting resources speak to.  But 50% of church planters have random DiSC profiles of how they think, act, and respond.  There are no great resources for these people.  By not resourcing these people we are hurting the kingdom, limiting their impact, and at the end of the day letting people go to hell because we aren’t planting more churches.

I began to think of the way we planted as contrarian.  It’s not that we re-invented church.  But we didn’t fit the mold of what seems to be the typical church plant.  And it’s worked.  So I want to equip the 50% of church planters who feel like they don’t have the resources available to accomplish the vision God has placed inside of them.  Through this blog and eventual book I hope to encourage other people like me to plant churches, lift up the name of Jesus, and rescue people with the grace of Jesus Christ.

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  1. August 30, 2012 11:31 am

    Great to hear some of your story. I’m one of those guys that fits the profile but learned through a haaaard planting failure 10 years ago that it’s not about ability or competencies but calling and character. By God’s grace He took us through the failing and on to moderate success. The definition of ‘success’ is first that we are still married and our children love Jesus and His church and second people are coming to know Jesus and making disciples.

    While there are a proliferation of writers who pump up the image of success based on the typical traits, I’m finding that those who’ve been around planting for 10, 20, 30 even 40 years are assessing for character and calling. Keep being faithful brother.

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