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Contrarian Resource #5: Bill Clinton

September 14, 2012

From time to time I offer up a resource for church planters that is not your normal church planting book.

Over 2 weeks in Tampa and Florida, the United States tuned in to hear people…give speeches. That’s it. They just heard people talk. For all the criticism of preaching today and for all the emphasis on new types of communication and technology, nothing can replace a human speaking to others.

So this contrarian resource is Bill Clinton. Specifically, Bill Clinton’s speaking ability. President Clinton is without question the best public speaker of our generation, and we have much to learn from him.

Bill Clinton was almost booed off the stage when he introduced Michael Dukakis as the democratic nominee years ago. However, he honed his craft and now we could learn much from him. If Bill Clinton can spend years perfecting his craft in order to better present political ideas, should not we as preachers of the gospel do whatever we can to better present the life-saving message of Jesus?

If you did not watch Bill Clinton’s DNC speech from this year you should watch it now:

I won’t make my own observations on why Clinton is so effective and what you should learn from him because that’s been done better here:

If you want to be a better public speaker, Bill Clinton is an indispensable resource for you.

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