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Should you attend a gay wedding? “Yes.”

September 24, 2012

This is the 3rd in a series of posts asking the question: “Should you attend a gay wedding?” Every Christian needs to answer this question.  Whether you’ve been asked to attend a gay wedding yet or not, you will be asked. So it’s important to determine your answer now.

In the first post of this series I laid the biblical framework from which I’m working. Today I’m going to present the argument that yes, you should attend a gay wedding. Later I will write a post on how the Contrarian should approach this topic. But for now… below are the 3 most common arguments for why you should attend a gay wedding.

1. You can build a relationship. If you stay home, goes the argument, you’re doing nothing to proactively build the relationship with your friend who is getting married. In fact, if you stay home, it likely will hurt the relationship. Your friend will be offended, feel judged, and consider your relationship wounded, if not ended. So by attending a gay wedding you further your relationship with the person and don’t cut them off.

2. Attendance at a gay wedding does not mean you approve of the union. This is a key part of the argument. The person who disapproves of the wedding but still attends argues that simply attending a wedding is not a blanket statement that gay unions are acceptable and okay to God. Based on argument #1, this part of the argument says that building a relationship trumps any theological you may or may not make by attending or not attending a wedding. And since Jesus’ 2nd greatest command is to love your neighbor, this is a very practical way to love your neighbor.

3. Attendance at a gay wedding increases your chance to impact the couple for Christ. If you are attending a wedding with the point of building the relationship, you keep open the door to develop trust and eventually lead them to Christ. By not attending you likely cut off the relationship. (Or have them cut it off–but it’s the same result either way.) So if the ultimate goal is to have someone submit to Christ, furthering the relationship will be more likely to see that end, than if you cut off the relationship.

If you have any more reasons, please post them below. I believe these are the most prominent arguments, but feel free to add.

In part 4, I will detail the Contrarian’s response to this question.

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