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Should you attend a gay wedding? A reader’s response

September 27, 2012

The following is a response–technically, a string of responses–from a reader of this blog on Twitter.  Remember, part 4, the Contrarian’s answer to this question, is still to come. In the meantime, here’s the response from a North Carolina pastor:

Good article. I land on the side of attending too. However, I think it’s inconsistent to assume automatically that they aren’t Christians & need to be led to Christ. Yes, perhaps their sexuality needs to be more fully surrendered to Christ…but so does many heterosexuals’. I think too often it’s positioned as ‘how does the church respond to gays?’ when all that does is create two separate camps on a specific sin.

We’ve got tons of gays and lesbians in our church. Some are Christ followers, some aren’t. They’re all at different stages of growth. Some are celibate. Some are in long term committed relationships and asking serious questions about what it looks like to surrender sexuality. Some are flat out in destructive sexual patterns. But I’ve found that the most progress in conversation has come with the approach of: ‘Let’s talk about if you want to begin trusting Jesus or not. Then, together, with the Holy Spirit, let’s journey together and discover what trust in every area looks like.’

That’s my two cents for what it’s worth. 

Thanks for that perspective. More to come soon.

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